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Have a heart

Take two.


2 Ear worms

I'm not certain they are called ear worms. I call them that. Songs that a person can't get out of his/her head. My two ear worms lately are old songs. 'King of the Road' by Roger Miller and 'Come and Get Your Love' by Redbone. Usually when I get ear worms I can't wait to get rid of them, but these two songs seem to hit the spot and are fun and make me feel good. :)

Busted sign

Last year (2018) this sign was slammed into and not repaired for 6 months. Every time I drove past it I expected it to have fallen (on someone's car). One day I drove up and took a photo. Within a month the sign was replaced by a sign half the size of the original. The broken sign was becoming an icon, so maybe I wasn't the only one taking a picture.

By the way, checkout the billboard sign behind and to the right of the busted sign. There's a cartoon guy with his mouth hanging open and his eyes popping out looking at the busted sign! Funny.

Distorted image

This is a reflection of me taking a photo of my bluish purple glass ball in my back yard.

Rained out

My view of last night's total lunar eclipse was rained out. But after the eclipse concluded the rain clouds blew away and the rest of the night was bright and shiny with a fat full moon. Oh well.

Power pylon owls

I've been meaning to post these photos for a while and kept forgetting. I noticed these fake owls on a power pylon in Boise last year. I don't know how long the owls have been up there but do know one is already missing. Just fell off I guess? Hope it didn't fall on someone's head or on a car. The owls and bristle/spikes must work because I haven't seen birds or their poop in the vicinity. Hoot!

Haunted farm house

It's not really haunted. It's just a very old farm house on Locust Grove and Ustick in Meridian, Idaho. This photo was taken recently. The house was torn down the day after I took this picture, along with it's out buildings and giant dead trees. Cattle used to graze on the property. Now it's going to be yet another new subdivision of probably ugly box houses. It may have been an abandoned old dump but I liked it. All the stories that went on in and around the old place. I looked at it every time I drove passed it. As it's said, the past is gone.

Jack o' lantern New Year

I was taking photos of my jack o' lantern every so often since Halloween to get a record of it's decay. It just became moldy and dry like a mummy. I kept hoping the temperatures would stay below freezing so I could try out some ice crafts, but no luck. So I used old Jack and tossed some colored ice cubes on the pebbles and that will more than likely be the extent of my ice fun. Maybe I can use Jack for a scarecrow head Halloween 2019?

Wow Man

You can get card with your statistics here!