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Outage update

Yesterday morning at 12:12am I heard the first jet fly over the house since the CenturyLink outage. Things are getting back to normal. We still don't have as much air traffic as usual though. Also I still have heard only the one emergency vehicle siren since the outage. I guess we're all just accident free now?
Today some little girl about six years old was in the Goodwill store crying and screaming because her parents wouldn't let her buy a doll without a head. Creepy kid. Heck I thought most kids just wanted X-Box and PlayStation or a smart phone.
I put away the last of my Christmas decorations today. I couldn't even wait for New Year's Day to take it all down. I do the same with my Halloween decorations. Once the day is over I'm done with it.
Happy 2019!

CenturyLink Outage

My area (Idaho/North West) was hit by the CenturyLink outage yesterday. We had no Internet, no use of ATM's, could not use debit or credit cards in many stores and that included gift cards. Our emergency services were out. I've heard one police car siren since this started (2:00am 12-27-18). There's an EMT station 4 blocks from here that goes all day and night. Haven't seen any or heard any yet. The airport's tower was out (Boise). No large passenger jets have come over the house for two days and we are directly below the flight path of landing planes. We've seen small planes going from small towns to small towns and flyover jets very high up. We saw one military jet and two fairly large jets today coming in from the East. That's it. The ATM's were up today like the Internet. We got Internet back at 12:00am 12-28). Some people even lost power in Oregon. I wonder if the Con Ed sub station explosion (next to the big power plant) in Queens (New York) was caused by this nationwide outage? Wonder who hacked CenturyLink and if we'll ever know what really happened? Maybe this monopoly should be broken up? Maybe the FCC and Homeland Security will do something about it?

On another note, a few evenings ago after the waning moon rose I thought it was being eclipsed because the shadow looked fuzzy, weird. I didn't hear of any eclipse. I got out the binoculars and because the moon is fairly close and the sky was so clear I was seeing the indentations of the moon's craters! It was a scalloped edge instead of a smooth outline. It was shocking to see such detail. I read there are three Super Moons in the coming months. January's will be a Full Eclipse Super Blood Wolf Moon. That's what it's being called. Wolf because that's another name for a January moon. I think it all happens the 20th-21st, a late night eclipse? Whatever. I'll probably be awake for it. Unfortunately, it'll probably be high over the house and I'll have to freeze my butt off outside to see it.

Winter Solstice

Yay! Tomorrow we in the Northern Hemisphere will begin to get a little more sunlight every day. The arc of the sun will become higher and longer. In a few months it will be warmer and to me more pleasant to be outdoors. Even though the dark days of Winter have their charms I am very much looking forward to a warm and breezy Spring day.

Blue Blub's Bad Christmas Movies

Every year just before or on Christmas Eve I watch that goofy Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 'Jingle All The Way'. It's corny but funny. I like all the characters and the silly situations all of them get into. The movie has a lot of stars in it too. Sinbad is hilarious as the postal mailman. Yeah, I know most people say it's a sucky movie - but those are the kind I like.

This year I've picked up a DVD of old Christmas movies. Four for the price of one: A Christmas Carol (1938), The Shop Around The Corner (1940), Christmas In Connecticut (1945), and It Happened On 5TH Avenue (1947). I've seen two of the four movies before and liked them. I just don't like the latest holiday movies that have been coming out.

I will also overload myself by watching White Christmas (I always cry) and Holiday Inn. Yes, more old movies. I ought to watch It's A Wonderful Life, but I've seen it so many times already that I won't.

On Christmas Day it's the Die Hard series of movies. Not really Christmas movies but some of them do take place around Christmas and have lights, decorations, a party, snow etc. Plus, my son insists! Those are his type of holiday flicks.

Meteors and Wind

This past Thursday night/Friday morning I couldn't sleep so I got out of bed saw the sky was clear for a change and decided to star gaze out the window. I had Coast to Coast am on the radio for company. I was admiring the constellation Orion when I saw a huge green meteor with a large long vapor trail behind it. Gorgeous! That's when I recalled the Geminids Meteor Shower was happening. I also saw a giant white meteor that sort of plopped from the sky. It had a very nice halo and a very tiny vapor trail.

Yesterday the wind blew all day and night non stop. There were some huge gusts. We didn't lose any shingles but some of the grit blew off them and accumulated on the ground in corners. I saw many leaf wind devils! The wind blew around my slowly decaying jack o' lantern and even knocked over some small rocks I set on end. My home made jellyfish-ribbon wind ornaments made it through the wild weather no worse for wear. Our birch tree dropped quite a few branches for us like always. I untwisted my Christmas tree windsock and it's good to go again. The wind was cold but no snow came with it. Last night it rained. Today it reached the mid forties. At least there are no ice and snow related wrecks for people out still shopping. The ski resorts are getting good snow though and that means good Spring run off.

I've been pigging out on those Royal Dansk Danish butter cookies that are ubiquitous at Christmastime. I even had some Baklava already! Hee hee, by the time Christmas gets here I'll be sick of all the goodies. That's probably for the best.