blue_blubber (blue_blubber) wrote,

Outage update

Yesterday morning at 12:12am I heard the first jet fly over the house since the CenturyLink outage. Things are getting back to normal. We still don't have as much air traffic as usual though. Also I still have heard only the one emergency vehicle siren since the outage. I guess we're all just accident free now?
Today some little girl about six years old was in the Goodwill store crying and screaming because her parents wouldn't let her buy a doll without a head. Creepy kid. Heck I thought most kids just wanted X-Box and PlayStation or a smart phone.
I put away the last of my Christmas decorations today. I couldn't even wait for New Year's Day to take it all down. I do the same with my Halloween decorations. Once the day is over I'm done with it.
Happy 2019!
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