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CenturyLink Outage

My area (Idaho/North West) was hit by the CenturyLink outage yesterday. We had no Internet, no use of ATM's, could not use debit or credit cards in many stores and that included gift cards. Our emergency services were out. I've heard one police car siren since this started (2:00am 12-27-18). There's an EMT station 4 blocks from here that goes all day and night. Haven't seen any or heard any yet. The airport's tower was out (Boise). No large passenger jets have come over the house for two days and we are directly below the flight path of landing planes. We've seen small planes going from small towns to small towns and flyover jets very high up. We saw one military jet and two fairly large jets today coming in from the East. That's it. The ATM's were up today like the Internet. We got Internet back at 12:00am 12-28). Some people even lost power in Oregon. I wonder if the Con Ed sub station explosion (next to the big power plant) in Queens (New York) was caused by this nationwide outage? Wonder who hacked CenturyLink and if we'll ever know what really happened? Maybe this monopoly should be broken up? Maybe the FCC and Homeland Security will do something about it?

On another note, a few evenings ago after the waning moon rose I thought it was being eclipsed because the shadow looked fuzzy, weird. I didn't hear of any eclipse. I got out the binoculars and because the moon is fairly close and the sky was so clear I was seeing the indentations of the moon's craters! It was a scalloped edge instead of a smooth outline. It was shocking to see such detail. I read there are three Super Moons in the coming months. January's will be a Full Eclipse Super Blood Wolf Moon. That's what it's being called. Wolf because that's another name for a January moon. I think it all happens the 20th-21st, a late night eclipse? Whatever. I'll probably be awake for it. Unfortunately, it'll probably be high over the house and I'll have to freeze my butt off outside to see it.
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