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Nice reflection

Even though the vehicle's window is dirty, I liked the clouds and sun reflected in it. Yeah, I'll pretty much take a picture of anything.

Meteorite under glass

This meteorite is football sized and under a glass dome. A mirror below it allows people to see it's bottom half. It is on display at Bruneau Dunes State Park in Idaho.


Shoshone Falls

best view shoshone falls.jpg

We went to Shoshone Falls (just east of Twin Falls, ID) March 14, 2019. It was a cold day and the road to the falls had been closed due to the mist from the falls freezing on the road. Cars the day before got down the road but couldn't get back up. We were still allowed to walk down the road so we did and it was well worth it. We had the place almost to ourselves. We had a good day to see the magnificent falls. The roar was loud. The mist cold but producing many rainbows. The sky blue. Rock formations and cliffs were beautiful. We saw many smaller waterfalls flowing down cliffs into the Snake River that form the falls that spill over a 212 foot drop. Shoshone Falls is sometimes referred to as The Niagara of the West. Shoshone Falls is named after the Shoshone people (Native Americans) who lived in the region.

Sunny and warm

It has been sunny and warm here since last Friday. I've been doing my best to be outside enjoying the weather. My family and a friend and I went to Shoshone Falls this past Thursday. The falls were roaring, it was cold but sunny and I got some good photos. I've yet to get any ready to post. This photo is a look down the street I live on. Yes, only the cloud makes it of interest. The communications tower belongs to a water company.

Yummy, liquid bacon

Actually, it's just iced tea, but it looks like I've got a McDonald's 'Liquid Bacon' soda.


I am thinking a trip to the South West would be nice. I need heat and sun. I would like to see red dirt and canyon lands again. I want to spend many days outdoors. I want to buy some turquoise earrings and necklace. But for now I will watch the robins and walk in the nearby parks.

Bumble Bee on Purple Coneflower

I took this photo last Summer in a local park. This Spring I'll be planting Purple Coneflower (Echinacea) here at home to see if I can attract some bumble bees. I gathered some milkweed seeds from plants last Fall. I'm going to try growing those for the butterflies. I also bought hummingbird and butterfly mix flowers seeds.


I'm thinking warm weather.

Great blue heron

January 30th, 2019 was a fairly warm day around here so my family and I took a walk in Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve. We spotted this lovely blue heron there in one of the ponds. I like seeing herons in flight with their long legs out behind them. There's nothing like being startled by a heron whooshing up out of a canal and flying a few feet above your head.