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I like watching shadows move long with the sun. I have a yellow colored plastic star hanging in my window and the Winter sunlight's angle makes watching this star's shadow sort of fun as it travels across wall and door or through the curtain.

Hawk in the neighbor's tree

This hawk was being chased by three crows that were squawking up a racket! I was out picking up the mail from my box when this occurred so rushed indoors to get my camera. It was all over by the time I got back outside, but the hawk had settled atop the neighbor's pine tree and I got a picture of it.

Turkey Day

Hope your Thanksgiving is a blast!


Fairy corpse

I was raking and sweeping leaves today on this 'Day of the Dead' when I found this tiny fairy corpse in the leaves. It must've partied too hardy on Halloween. I gave it a decent burial and I hope the other wee folk will look kindly upon me and do some of my housework while I'm asleep tonight.

Halloween Kookenart

4 angry witches. don't sew stitches. leave you in ditches. bet your britches.

Unfinished Business

The fat old ghost returned for some unfinished business...

Happy Halloween!

October light and reflection

I had a tiny plastic jack o' lantern on a shelf just above my kitchen sink. As I was doing dishes I noticed the jack o' lantern's reflection on the faucet. Thought I'd get a photo to see how it turned out:

Later, I noticed my large plastic outside jack o' lantern caught the setting sun (about 6:00pm) and the cut out face on the front glowed on the back side. Nothing special these things but sort of cool anyway.